194 NW 137th Drive, Suite 300
Jonesville, FL 32669
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Feeling sick? Dehydrated from a strenuous workout?

Rejuvenation Station can help you!

194 NW 137th Dr Suite 300
Jonesville, FL 32669

(352) 261-0946

We are Gainesville's ONLY physician-supervised IV Lounge. We are located at Advanced Pain Medical Center (in the Jonesville area)...and at an outdoor event near you! To request IV Therapy at your event, call (352) 261-0946.

IV, Injection and Oxygen Therapies

The Weekend - $185

When the weekend catches up with you, this therapy offers a combination of B-vitamins, vitamin C, Zofran/Pepcid (anti-nausea), Toradol (anti-inflammatory), and hydration to help brush off that night out. Get back to feeling your best!

Bronze - $166Silver - $148Gold - $138

The Defender - $145

Whether it's in the food we eat or the cleaning chemicals we use, we routinely expose our bodies to toxins. This infusion combines powerful antioxidants to remove toxins from the body so that our cells can be repaired. This detoxifying infusion includes taurine, high-dose vitamin C, and high-dose glutathione to flush out the bad and refresh the new.

Bronze - $130Silver - $116Gold - $108

Relax - $145

Let's face it, life is stressful! This soothing blend of B-vitamins and amino acids (L-carnitine, L-lysine, L-glycine) are the recipe to melt away stress and reduce anxiety.

Bronze - $130Silver - $116Gold - $108

Rejuvenation Hydration - $130

Get the ultimate beauty boost from the inside out with this perfect blend of hydration, high-dose glutathione, high-dose vitamin C, B-vitamins, and trace minerals. This high-dose vitamin and anti-oxidant drip helps you look young and feel vibrant.

Bronze - $117Silver - $104Gold - $97

Myer's Cocktail - $120

The vitamins (B-complex and vitamin C) and minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) in the famous "Myer's Cocktail" are important in the normal functioning of muscles, protecting against cell damage, and converting of food into energy.

Bronze - $108Silver - $96Gold - $90

Slim & Trim - $120

Boost your metabolism with vitamins and minerals that maximize weight loss and increase energy. This therapy is a great complement to your current diet and fitness regimen. It includes alpha-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, B-vitamins, and glutathione.

Bronze - $108Silver - $96Gold - $90

Mega C - $110

High dose vitamin-c has been shown to improve numerous health conditions and viral illnesses. This is a great therapy for those who's immune system is compromised, who have vitamin-c deficiencies, or people just looking to detoxify and increase their energy.

Bronze - $99Silver - $88Gold - $82

Fitness Recovery - $110

This therapy is formulated for those who play as hard as they work. It contains key nutrients for fast muscle recovery and relief after tough workouts. It includes Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's); Methionine, Inositol, Choline + L-Carnitine (MIC); and Taurine.

Bronze - $99Silver - $88Gold - $82

Migraine Relief - $110

We know it hurts; let us help. This hydrating infusion, mixed with a potent antiinflammatory,will help your body fight migraines and alleviate the pain.

Bronze - $99Silver - $88Gold - $82

Hydration Boost - $55

Hydrating is essential! This therapy hydrates your body and replenishes electrolytes, keeping you feeling healthy. Trace minerals are included.

Bronze - $49Silver - $44Gold - $41

Add-ons available:

  • Vitamin C - $15
    Antioxidant (500mg) *For Infusion ONLY
  • Vitamin B12 - $15
  • B Complex - $15
    B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6
  • Folic Acid - $30
  • Coenzyme Q10 - $20
    Ubiquinone (20mg)
  • Lipo C (MIC) - $20
    MIC, L-Carnitine, B-1, B-5 *For Injection ONLY
  • Calcitriol - $30
    Vitamin D-3 *For Infusion ONLY
  • BCAA'S - $25
    Leucine, isoleucine and valine (1000mg blend)
  • L-Carnitine - $25
    Amino acid (500mg)
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid - $30
  • Glutathione - $20-$40
    Antioxidant (500mg-1000mg) *For Infusion ONLY
  • Taurine - $20
    Antioxidant (100mg)
  • L-Glycine - $25
  • L-Lysine - $25
  • Pepcid - $15
    Antacid (20mg)
  • Zofran - $15
    Anti-nausea (8mg)
  • Oxygen Therapy - $15
    Supplemental Oxygen (2L per minute)






4 - FREE B-12 or B-Complex Injections per month.

10% ALL Services

1 - FREE Hydration Boost
(discount can be applied towards other IV therapies)

$12 Injections
(does not apply for glutathione)

1 - FREE Add On

15% ALL Services

1 - FREE Therapy of your choice

$10 Injections
(does not apply for glutathione)

2 - FREE Add On

20% ALL Services

1 - FREE Therapy of your choice

$8 Injections
(does not apply for glutathione)

3 - FREE Add On

FREE Oxygen Therapy

25% ALL Services

3 month contract

3 month contract

6 month contract

12 month contract


Buy 3 IV Sessions

(applicable for ALL menu IV therapies, except custom therapies)

Buy 5 IV Sessions

(applicable for ALL menu IV therapies, except custom therapies)

Buy 8 IV Sessions

(applicable for ALL menu IV therapies, except custom therapies)




Boost your energy

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, dehydration, or even a common cold, IV therapy can boost your immune system to help you feel refreshed and energized.

Instant rehydration

IV therapy is the most efficient way to provide your organs with important hydration to optimize your body's functions.

Fast treatment times

You won't have to spend a lot of time waiting for your treatment to be completed. Most IV therapies can be administered in under an hour. You simply relax and enjoy the process in a comfortable environment.

Great choice for athletes

People on the go often suffer from muscle fatigue, electrolyte loss, and exhaustion. With IV therapy treatments, you can replenish lost vitamins and minerals to improve recovery time from your workouts or just a grueling day.

Customized treatments

There are several IV therapies available at Rejuvenation Station. These therapies are ideal for relief from fatigue, allergies, or muscle spasms, and they can contain a variety of vitamin supplements. Therapies are customized based on your specific needs. With so many benefits, it's a great choice. Call today to schedule an IV therapy appointment!

Gainesville's ONLY physician supervised IV Lounge!

Brent Stewart, MD, MBA

Dr. Stewart received his medical doctorate from the University of Arkansas in 2002. He completed his anesthesiology residency at the University of South Florida in Tampa in 2006. While in group practice, he earned his MBA from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business in 2009. In an effort to alleviate pre-operative stress, he wrote and published "Need Surgery? Now What? A Patient's Guide to Anesthesia". He then completed an interventional pain medicine fellowship in 2014 at USF in Tampa. Dr. Stewart also has a patent on a type of laryngoscope. Since 2014, Dr. Stewart has been the physician owner of Advanced Pain Medical Center.